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3 programs according to your needs

Program of Humanitarian Coaching

New context? New mission? New professional responsibilities? Successfully leaving to work in the field?

This 8-week programme will give you the keys to adapt and find a balance during the changes that will automatically take place in you during this new chapter of your life.

Program of Humanitarian Coaching

Do you want to explore your strengths and skills, but also become aware of how to better manage your weaknesses?


To learn how to better understand the differences between the way you act and the way others act, and how to use them in a positive way to better interact? Discover how your personality influences the way you act in your daily life?

Would you like to receive personalised support to work on a particular issue, in order to bring out your own solutions, the ones best suited to your situation?

One-to-one coaching will help you to unblock your problem.

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