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A common online space where you can ask all your questions to help each other remotely

​Are you ready to leave, eager to discover new things, ready to embark on your first field experience?

Going into the field with a humanitarian organisation is a whole programme, but above all it is a life choice, sometimes difficult to manage being far from one's family, one's codes, one's ties and one's points of reference! Working in the humanitarian microcosm is an enriching experience, but this life of adventure can also be heavy and difficult to face alone.

The Humanitarian Network
 Humanitarian Program

Or perhaps you are already well integrated in this environment but in the midst of a professional transition and having difficulty adapting to a new context despite your many years of experience?

By following one of our coaching sessions, you will then join "The Humanitarian Network", accessible worldwide via an online space.

A common online space where you can ask all your questions, react to the proposed exercises and exchange with other participants to help each other from a distance.

Finally, you may have decided instead to end this experience of life in the field and reintegrate into a more traditional context?

Everyone needs to have some support, advice, tools to better adapt to these transition periods.

You will find people who are going through similar life experiences, with those moments of positive achievements, but also periods of difficulties. You will be able to exchange and find advice and support from your peers.

Into The Field: Humanitarian Coaching
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